Welcome to the website for The ELL Experience!

The ELL Experience is a project that I started several years ago while working as an ESL teacher in a large high school.  It started as a classroom project, turned into a short documentary, and ended up becoming the basis for a professional development workshop of the same name.

The ELL Experience is now an educational consulting initiative for teachers of ELLs — it is about what English language learners experience, how these experiences affect their education, and how we can use their experiences to inform our instruction.

Explore the menu to learn more about me, the services I offer, and my educational philosophy.  I am an active blogger, too; on my blog*, you will find strategies and tips for teaching ELLs, working with a co-teacher, learning new languages, and more.  I also share relevant research from time to time.

Thank you for visiting!  Please use the Contact page to get in touch.

* Please note that the opinions represented on my blog and across this website are mine, and do not represent the views of my school or district.

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